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BORED of trawling through jobs? Get FOUND instead…

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to spend hours upon hours trawling through job boards to get a job? Although it puts you in control of finding a job, that is also our job too! Recruiters are using social media and job boards daily to source candidates themselves and it is therefore essential that you can be found! Find out how by your utilising the following:

1) Social Media

Social Media and recruitment are increasingly becoming more dependent upon the other. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to present yourself to potential employers / agencies and use social media to help you get recognised. Below you will find 3 job boards that are currently a HOT-SPOT for recruiters checking out potential candidates!


LinkedIn is a business-orientated social networking site and is therefore the go to place to find like-minded, skilled candidates! Firstly, if you are not on LinkedIn already, create yourself a profile right now! If you already have a profile make sure that is is full of user-friend keywords. Want to know why? When a recruiter has a job he/she is finding a candidate for one of the first things he/she will do is hit the ‘advanced’ button at the top of the search bar. From here the recruiter will search for potential candidates using keywords. It is therefore essential that your profile is full of keywords expressing the job that you do. It also doesn’t hurt to put on your profile keywords such as ‘looking’ or ‘seeking’ new career opportunities, as these are terms recruiters will also punch into the search bar. Build your professional network now, follow Edison on LinkedIn here.


Many employers and recruitment agencies use Facebook to promote their brand and post their latest job opportunities. Recognise the companies and agencies you want to work for and ensure you LIKE that page. Not only will you receive up to date industry / job posts on your feed but it will give also give you the opportunity to like, comment and apply for that job straight away. Head over to our Facebook page now and give it a big fat LIKE! Click here to do just that!


The same principle applies with Twitter as it does Facebook. The only difference is companies / agencies can follow you! Tweet yourself to potential companies so that you get recognised and reply to job postings so that you can be considered. In order to help recruiters FIND YOU, ensure that your bio is updated with your key skills. Instantly get noticed now, follow Edison on Twitter here.

2) Job Boards

It is an obvious one but make your CV is registered on the job boards. Monster, Jobsite etc are some of the top uk job boards that recruiters are looking at daily to search for candidates just like you. As with LinkedIn the way a recruiter searches for potential candidates is by running a search based on job keywords to find the right match. For this reason make sure your CV is keyword friendly with all the key skills that make you stand out. This is going to make sure you are on that list!

3) Register

We most definitely recommend registering your CV direct on our website. You will have the ability to select what you are looking for which will go straight to a recruiter ready to pick up the phone to you! Got your CV to hand? Register it with Edison now.

5) Contact direct

Do you want to get a recruiters attention straight away? Just contact us direct. Tell us what you are looking for, follow up with an email attaching your CV and instantly you have got the recruiters attention. Make it happen, contact us now!

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The Rise of Vehicle Technology

As the UKs automotive sector continues to grow, so does the demand for skilled engineers

Over the last couple of years we have seen a huge growth in the automotive industry and it looks to continue for a long time to come.  Key UK OEMs – such as Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, and Aston Martin – have several new vehicles due to launch in 2015, which has increased the already high demand for skilled engineering staff in this country. According to the Engineering UK 2014 report, overall demand for engineering and manufacturing recruits is up by 40% compared to 2 years ago.  This has meant a huge overall growth in the industry and according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the market grew by 9.4% during 2014.

Expleo Engineering has seen an unprecedented demand for engineers in the last 6 months, especially for highly-qualified technical engineering personnel. The rise in vehicle technology has only added to these pressures, as areas such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Connected Car technology and suchlike all lead us to the fully autonomous car. All this has lead to huge rise in research & development centres cropping up across the UK and beyond, and with a predicted market worth of  €110 billion by 2020, you can understand why.

John McAuley, Managing Director of Edison Technical expressed these views to Brookson who have quoted him in their Economic Outlook 2015: Automotive Sector. Read the full article by visiting the Brookson website.

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