Interview Tips

Looking for interview tips? Receiving a call to say an employer would like to interview you can fill you with both happiness but also with a fleeting moment of dread!

We understand that an interview is not the most relaxing situation to be in but we guarantee with these top 5 interview techniques you will feel more prepared than ever!

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  • First impressions count

    Appearances shouldn’t matter but the reality is they do. What to wear for an interview varies according to the industry. If you have been asked to do a practical assessment in a factory a suit might not be appropriate. In any instance, dress appropriately and dress smart.

  • Be punctual

    Plan your journey in advance and the likelihood is you won’t be late. If you are running late then telephone ahead and explain the situation. Never leave them in the dark!

  • Do your research!

    One of the first questions an employer will ask is; “why do you want to work for our company?” To answer this question you need to know what is they do and why you are interested in them as an employer. Go to the company website and do your research.

  • An interview works both ways

    Answer questions and be prepared to ask questions. Show the employer that you have done your homework about the organisation and ask questions about specific aspects of the company. Be mindful not to ask too many questions, just enough to make the interview more conversational.

  • Be positive!

    Avoid negative language – rather than say “I have never done that before,” change the structure of the answer to “that isn’t something that I have had exposure to before but I would be keen to undertake training”. Don’t forget to add a positive spin on things, tell them the things you can do!

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