Stand out from the crowd with these CV writing tips

So you need some CV writing tips? You’ve decided to look for a new job but you aren’t confident your CV truly reflects what it is you’re capable of.

The team at Edison understands what your prospective employer wants to see. That is why we have compiled a list of CV writing tips to give you a helping hand when you’re writing your CV.

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  • Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for

    This will instantly make you stand out from the crowd and show the employee that you can do the job. Read the job description and pick out the key skills and attributes the employer is looking for. If you have the skills they are asking, make sure it is in your CV!

  • Spelling mistakes are a big NO!

    Do not upload your CV to a job board or hand to a prospective employer if you have not proof-read and spell-checked your CV. Print your CV out and read it out loud, then get someone else to read it with a fresh pair of eyes.

  • Summarise skills in paragraph, rather than matrix

    Add a short paragraph at the beginning of your CV stating your core skills and experience. This is the first thing employees will read so keep it simple but packed with what you are all about! Reiterate and explain these in the body of the CV.

  • Presentation is key

    Keep your CV clear and concise. Bullet points are a great way of simplifying words – use them! Make it look professional. Ensure each font and size are the same – a jumble of bold, italic and hundreds of different fonts is guaranteed to give anyone a headache.

  • Fill in the gaps

    An employer looks at the dates. If there are gaps in your CV and there is a reason why, make sure you state why i.e. redundancy, illness, travels. Prepare an explanation not an apology!

  • Don’t restrict yourself to 2 pages

    Your CV should reflect your wealth of experience. In engineering we understand that this can be extensive so don’t be afraid to go over 2 pages. Remember though, nobody wants a 10 page CV on their desk, so keep it simple, keep it concise!

  • Personal photograph

    It’s simple – not necessary.

  • Interests & hobbies – show your character

    Often job roles are looking for someone who is ‘pro-active’, ‘enthusiastic’, a ‘good team-player’. This is the section to highlight something about you that highlights your character!

  • References come later

    Save the space and don’t add your references to your CV. If you are called for an interview, the employer will ask for these later.

  • Make it keyword friendly

    Help us to find you! If you have uploaded your CV to a job board, keywords are very important to help a search engine pick you out from the crowd. If you are unsure what keywords to use, have a search online and take a look at the words commonly associated with your job title.