McLaren Automotive announce £1 billion investment plan

McLaren Automotive have revealed their 6 year investment programme, with £1 billion to be put into Research & Development.

McLaren Automotive revealed £1 billion investment plan

McLaren Automotive reveal £1 billion investment plan called Track 22

The aim is for 50% of McLaren cars to feature hybrid technology by 2022. Getting there will involve research by engineers to fully understand and develop different technologies to feature within  future models.

Mike Flewitt, chief executive officer of McLaren Automotive, said: “Since its inception, McLaren Automotive has launched world-class products and this has been made possible by continuous investment in our future.

“The launch of our new six-year Business Plan, named Track22 because I believe that we are on track to a very exciting and successful future, scopes our future investments and development strategy up until 2022.

“This will see us launch 15 all-new cars or derivatives within out existing Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series families. We will also develop an all-new engine architecture that will debut towards the end of the business plan period.”

McLaren define their ‘DNA’ by claiming “Every car we build, every product we create, every progressive step we take is driven by our relentless pursuit of engineering perfection.”

To support this, Flewitt confirms: “Above all, this business plan confirms that McLaren Automotive will remain proudly and fiercely independent by continuing to build the world’s fines two-seater sports and supercars, hand-crafted by our team in Woking, England.”