Chevrolet reveals terrifyingly cool self-driving car of the future

The Shanghai Motor Show this year promised to provide an insight into the motoring world of 2030 and thus reveal the ‘cars of the future’. The new concept car revealed by Chevrolet has provided just that. Unlike any self-driving car or concept seen before, the FNR has been put together using futuristic technology, advanced car networking systems and a body which looks like it belongs in a futuristic Sci Fi film.

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This self-driving car is effectively a self-contained ‘capsule’ with an impressive ability to charge using a wireless system. The car will run off electricity and the wheels will have magnetic electric motors embedded inside and all this will power an impressive interior plastered with touch and gesture controlled screens and an ‘iris recognition’ start system – basic requirements of any futuristic concept car don’t you think?

There are many benefits the self-driving car can promise – a drop in deadly accidents high among them – but the motorised webbed seats will definitely fill a big desire for fully-autonomous car amongst consumers. The ability to swivel your seat to face the rear of the car and face passengers whilst in self-driving mode, is a concept that many argue should get consumers interested. Who wouldn’t want the possibility to swivel your chair around when taking on a long car journey?

Another benefit of the motorised webbed seats is that they will have the ability to read passenger’s heartChevrelot, FNR, Concept, Car, Swivel, Autonomous, Shanghai, Motor, Show, 2015 rate and bloody pressure. Vehicles today are already being developed with this concept with the hope that if your car detects you are falling asleep or you are experiencing a heart attack, the car will become autonomous and take you to safety. Sounds good doesn’t it? But what will it mean for the fun that most of us experience when driving? Will self-driving cars take this away? Chevrolet think not with the promise that passengers can still drive if they want to. They have also promised that drivers who prefer an edgier performance experience when driving will get this from the FNR, with the ability to tighten suspension and execute tight turns whilst hitting high legal speed.

All this sounds fantastically exciting but this is what concept cars are all about. They aren’t necessarily vehicles you expect to see, but a canvas for things you’d like to see. It certainly does keep things interesting though.